Grand River Ramblers are a galvanic group from the historic stomping grounds of Wellington County. They dig in hard and play from the hell bent heart.  
Purveyors of Bluegrass, Roots, and something else wild you would have to witness to describe.  
Yes,.. Bluegrass with drums. Don't get your rigid muffin in an acoustic knot traditional folk,.. These peculiar four have been breaking rules their entire lives and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.


Reviews and Testimonials:
Ottawa Citizen - Sunday Review - July 10, 2016
By: Lynn Saxberg

Bluesfest was a great spot to discover ramblin’ roots bands on Sunday afternoon, thanks to performances by the Grand River Ramblers and the Ramblin’ Valley Band. Although both bands have bluegrass among their influences, neither is likely to be invited to a traditional bluegrass festival. At Bluesfest, however, anything goes, at least in terms of the music. 

The Grand River Ramblers travelled all the way from the wilds of Kitchener Waterloo to play Bluesfest, their first gig in Ottawa. The four-piece band, made up of mandolinist Tim Ewing, guitarist Rusty Enns, drummer Tim Turvey and bassist Bill Moorehouse, demonstrated a decidedly non-standard form of bluegrass that included forceful drums, psychedelic acoustic guitar and sweet harmonies. 

Their set flaunted a strong slate of originals that ranged from gypsy-flavoured to roots-rocking, featuring songs from their latest album, Outlawed. The musicianship was excellent, as it has to be with anything bluegrass-oriented, and they went over well in front of the sparse but enthusiastic early afternoon audience. Here’s hoping we see them back in Ottawa soon.
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***************************************************************************** - Strong Roots (Profiles in Roots Music) - August 22, 2016
By: Karl Magi

I spoke with Tim Ewing of Grand River Ramblers about collaborative song writing, surprising successes and where the band finds inspiration.

The diverse musical backgrounds of each band member have contributed to the unique sound of the Grand River Ramblers.

The roots scene is stronger than it’s ever been and is gaining popularity day by day. There’s something to be said about the sound of wood and strings. It seems to bring people down to common ground and allows people to be themselves, so to speak.

The Grand River Ramblers blur the lines between tradition and modernity and attract younger folks who are into rap and hip hop as well as people who are more traditional.

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CBC Radio Interview with Mark Monahan and RBC Bluesfest - February 23, 2016
CBC Ottawa Morning Show  

"RBC Bluesfest great new up and coming acts like Grand River Ramblers"

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Jamland TV - Jamland Documentary and GRR CD Release - November 21, 2015
By: Mark Tonin

"Congrats to Grand River Ramblers for their debut release entitled Outlawed. This catchy collection of bluegrass-inspired songs has me banging on my steering wheel and singing along. And apparently I'm not alone ... when I've seen GRR! live people have been dancing and singing the songs."

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Album Review - November 27, 2015
By: Rob Philo

"After my first listen through the  whole album I wasn't sure, so I decided to listen to it 348 more times and I've decided that it falls somewhere between awesome and incredible. Great cover to cover, but a special mention to tracks 7 to 11, they're especially bluegrassarific. Nice job Rusty Enns, Tim Ewing, Bill Morehouse and Tim Turvey. Just a small request, can you include a lyrics page 'cause Rusty sings at the pace of an auctioneer on speed! But seriously, thank you boys, your efforts are much appreciated."


Booking Contacts:

Rusty Enns:  519-241-0026
Tim Ewing: 519-242-0919

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